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Chapter 5: captive

When we walked back into the main hall. Everyone was eagerly waiting for us to come out. You could see that everyone was nervous about us ‘having a talk’.

“There is no need to worry my guests, carry on with the feast” Said Lord Rahziel with a loud and deep voice that resonated everywhere. Good, everyone seemed to relax a little bit and started talking with each other like before.

“This gathering has been a tradition for centuries, it’s a gathering to catch up with the years that passed and for the years that will come. I suppose its also important to know who will be the heir. The next in line to be the Echluëden. For you already know my Lady, you are of most importance to every dimension.” Said Lord Rahziel while we were walking trough a large glass gate that lead to the gardens. “And to me…”

That last I don’t think I heard it quite right, but did he mean that I was important to him as a person or as the heir? Confused I looked at him but he was staring at the ground while he was walking. As if, as if he was embarrassed?! I started lauging out loud. The most feared one of all was actually not that frightening. He suddenly stopped walking. I looked at him and he was looking at me with the most intense eyes, he wasn’t even blinking .

Startled he said”I am sorry my Lady, I haven’t heard anyone laughe like that for centuries.”

“Lord Rahziel, I have been meaning to ask but I am afraid you will misunderstand.” I looked at him to see a sign if he is willing to talk.

“Ask me anything, I won’t bite.” Said Lord Rahziel with a smile. Ugh, that smile.

“Who are you? I mean what’s your purpose..?” I started stammering, because I think that came over wrong.”I mean what is your power, because from what I saw you have quite an influence.”

“Your mother hasn’t told you it seems.” Said Lord Rahziel playfully.

The full moonlight landed on his face the moment we came outside.

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