Legion: an ultimate mind-F

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I started to watch a new television series and I must say that I am very impressed. It’s called Legion, and its based on the X-Men comics.  When I watched the first episode I was really confused figuring out in which time period it took place, but trough-out the next episodes it becomes more and more clear that its a mix of 1960s with modern-day elements. You see a lot of things and hear a lot of things from the main character’s distorted view of reality. Its as if you’re with him inside his head, experiencing everything. It also becomes clear that the world isn’t aware of having mutants in its midst so that takes everything to a whole other level.

The series is about a man called David Haller who is diagnosed with with schizophrenia at a young age and has been a patient in various psychiatric hospitals since. But we also see that he was having a normal life with a girlfriend at some point and from then on we see that everything went horribly wrong. We see him dealing with the voices in his head, his anxiety, his addiction and his struggle with his past. We are thrown into this psychedelic world and having all these unanswered questions that makes it so addicting to watch.

It surprised me when I found out that it was based on the world of the X-men. Because at first glance you would think that it wouldn’t fit at all in the genre. If you’re familiair with those type of movies or series you will know what I am talking about. Well this is a lot different and it’s really refreshing. It is an ‘out of the box’ way of thinking and we get to see how messed up everything is. Its definitely not like ‘Yeah I am awesome, I have superpowers and I am gonna save the world from evil’ – type of thing. Its a lot more realistic and in depth then that. We also get to see the struggles of him having a relationship with another mutant girl which he isn’t allowed to touch because of her powers.

“We are having a romance of the mind” – David Haller.

Another aspect that I haven’t figured out yet is the fact that David is supposed to be Charles Xaviers son but we see in the series that his father is an astronomer? Besides we already know it sets in a pre- X men period. I hope this gets clarified in the coming episodes. I have so many questions unanswered.

I know that their is a second season planned, so I am stoked to know more!

PS: If you want some more in depth information then you can watch this video. I know that it helped me a lot! 🙂

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