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Chapter 9: Lineage

“Stay close to me” She whispered as I watched her going down the large marble stairs in the main hall. Mother held her head high as her hands were resting on her thighs. I walked right behind her and looked straight ahead. I felt the burning gaze of everyone, piercing trough me. Even though I am supposed to be more powerful then everyone present, I don’t feel like I am. The counsels were standing majestically right before us. I noticed that the two of them were female, they were blindingly beautiful. They both had had fiery eyes, a warm scarlet colour and had four wings. They had a radiating light around them and were very tall. The blonde Counsel started talking in a language I didn’t quite understand. Mother nodded and turned around facing me.

“Aelliana you are allowed in the Oreka if you can prove you are mine, an Echluëden.”

I have to prove? How do I do that? No one warned me about this, should I show my marks? But I can’t undress in front of them, its too dangerous!

A sudden voice startled me as I was in deep thoughts. It was coming from one of the Counsels. The four winged Counsel was speaking in a clear voice that echoed in every corner of the main hall “She is to bestow her transformation, her other half. Her gift of the Creator to the Areandria bloodline. What she is capable of doing to prove all present what she is.”

I looked at my mother for a sign of what I was supposed to do, but she didn’t look my way. She didn’t inform me by Ara either. The Counsel said something about transformation but what is that supposed to mean? Everyone was looking my way waiting for me to show a sign of my lineage. I decided to gather every little power I had in me to show them what I am! I could feel the doubt coming from everyone. Something started burning like a fireball in my chest my marks on my body lit up. And were seen trough my clothes. I stared at my hands amazed at the extend of my power. I didn’t know I could do that?! I looked at my mother and she gave a small nod of approval. I calmed down, yes this felt right! I have to this, I have to make this fire in me bigger and bigger! I have to embrace it! As I felt the marks  burning on my skin I felt my feet left the ground beneath me. My eyes still closed I tried to imagine my power, the fire within me. The same spark my mother had, I felt connected. I wanted to show everyone present that I was hers, that I was my fathers daughter as well. I felt my skin burning like it was being ripped. I opened my eyes and saw my skin in light-golden marks. Everyone was looking at me in awe, my skin didn’t feel like my own. As if I was placed in someone else’s body. but as the minutes passed it felt strangely familiair.  My hair was much longer and my locks were floating in the air because of the heat that my body gave off. I looked at it once more and noticed my hair was even a different colour, it was silver!

“Come down child” said the four winged women with golden hair. “You have proven your lineage.”

I calmed down and let the fire in me burn out. My hair went back to its normal colour and felt my feet back on the vast ground. I opened my eyes and looked at the Counsels, confident.

One of the Counsels was wearing a veiled mask, you couldn’t even see its eyes. The person was even taller then the four winged women. I was guessing that he was male because the person had the broadest shoulders I have ever seen in my life. From his back you could see his large tails, they were white. He was also holding a large black staff where the tip was wrapped in a piece of cloth. I think that its some kind of weapon because it looked quite heavy.

“Its time!” said the masked one.

“We will soon open the gates, please proceed and sit down. Once closed you cannot enter or leave. Those present proceed accordingly.” said the other four winged women. Lord Rahziel wasn’t here yet, I was getting  anxious. Did something happen to him?

The Counsels extended their hands and in a second opened a gate in our main hall, a large blinding light came from the gate and everyone moved towards it as if it was the most normal thing. I hesitated for a moment just because mother wasn’t moving forward yet. “We will enter last” said mother by Ara. Relieved to hear that, I started looking around, moving my eyes trough the crowd looking for Lord Rahziel. But I couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Aelliana, lets go.” said mother, and we started moving towards the gate. I think it was some kind of protection. The Counsels created a dimension within a dimension to prevent outsiders from entering. I didn’t  knew this was even possible. The Oreka was strictly forbidden for those not permitted and only a handful of people get to attend. As we walked in we entered a great hall. It looked like a stadium, like a large marble amphitheater. Everyone was sitting in a circle -like structure within a field. We were outside trees surrounded the marble circle-like structure. It was obviously a  temporary dimension, you could feel the imbalance.

Everyone sat down. Mother and I together with the Counsels were seated across the marble structure. Where we could see everyone seated in front of us. On front row the most powerful of the dimensions were seated, it was obvious that their seating was ranked. One of the robed Counsels lifted their hand and closed the gate. Everyone fell silent as they watched us waiting for the Oreka to begin.

“Welcome, today is an exceptional gathering. Most of you have been hearing rumors about certain matters. Today we will discuss in what extend they are true.” said the man in the dark grey robes. Mother told me once what they were named, The Counsels. Each one of them had a name, which only a few knew of.

Suddenly a hard wind blew my hair in the air, as if a storm was coming our way. Everyone started gripping their hats and garments to prevent them from flying away. The Counsels didn’t even flinch, so was mother. A large black hole appeared on the ground in front of us, like a portal. Knowing that only the Counsels were able to open one in this dimension, I thought that it must be their doing. But instead Lord Rahziel appeared from the ground like a majestic dark angel.

“Pardon my intrusion, I hope that I am not too late?” Said Lord Rahziel with a playful smile while standing right in front of us.

“Well, where is my seat?” Continued Lord Rahziel, as he was walking towards us.

“You can find your own seat Rahziel, we aren’t that surprised for you to be late. We are used to the dramatic entrance by now.” Said the masked one annoyingly.

“I’ll sit wherever I want then. Pardon my lady is it alright if I sit next to you?” he said while standing right in front of me. I didn’t know what to say but instead I nodded.

“Thank you, Lady Aelliana.” Said Lord Rahziel and he blinked his fingers and a chair appeared next to me and sat down. He was dressed differently then usual. He had excellent taste. But this time he was even more eye catching then usual. His eyes were a mesmerizing deep ocean blue, flecks of silvery light shone when he moved his face.  His face was strong and defined. He had dark eye brows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. A prominent jaw curved gracefully around and the strength of his neck showed in the twining cords of muscle that shaped his entire body; strong arms, bold thighs and calves, and a firm chest. He was unlike any other living creation. I could go on and on and never stop staring at him. He noticed my gaze and turned his face slightly to my direction. “You look beautiful.” he whispered with his usual playful smile. I froze instantly and felt blood rushing to my cheeks. I turned my gaze to the crowd in front of me and was relieved that they were sitting way further away, hoping that no one noticed my weak moment.

Lord Rahziel’s smile had drawn into a hard line across his face when the Counsel with the grey robes stood from his seat and started the introduction of the Oreka -again.





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