Legion: an ultimate mind-F

I started to watch a new television series and I must say that I am very impressed. It’s called Legion, and its based on the X-Men comics.  When I watched the first episode I was really confused figuring out in which time period it took place, but trough-out the next episodes it becomes more and more clear that its a mix of 1960s with modern-day elements. You see a lot of things and hear a lot of things from the main character’s distorted view of reality. Its as if you’re with him inside his head, experiencing everything. It also becomes clear that the world isn’t aware of having mutants in its midst so that takes everything to a whole other level.

The series is about a man called David Haller who is diagnosed with with schizophrenia at a young age and has been a patient in various psychiatric hospitals since. But we also see that he was having a normal life with a girlfriend at some point and from then on we see that everything went horribly wrong. We see him dealing with the voices in his head, his anxiety, his addiction and his struggle with his past. We are thrown into this psychedelic world and having all these unanswered questions that makes it so addicting to watch.

It surprised me when I found out that it was based on the world of the X-men. Because at first glance you would think that it wouldn’t fit at all in the genre. If you’re familiair with those type of movies or series you will know what I am talking about. Well this is a lot different and it’s really refreshing. It is an ‘out of the box’ way of thinking and we get to see how messed up everything is. Its definitely not like ‘Yeah I am awesome, I have superpowers and I am gonna save the world from evil’ – type of thing. Its a lot more realistic and in depth then that. We also get to see the struggles of him having a relationship with another mutant girl which he isn’t allowed to touch because of her powers.

“We are having a romance of the mind” – David Haller.

Another aspect that I haven’t figured out yet is the fact that David is supposed to be Charles Xaviers son but we see in the series that his father is an astronomer? Besides we already know it sets in a pre- X men period. I hope this gets clarified in the coming episodes. I have so many questions unanswered.

I know that their is a second season planned, so I am stoked to know more!

PS: If you want some more in depth information then you can watch this video. I know that it helped me a lot! 🙂



Whether you feel divine or earthly love,

ultimately we’re destined for above.

To capture love whatever words I say

Make me ashamed when love arrives my way,

While explanation sometimes makes things clear

True love through silence one can hear:

The pen would smoothly write the things it knew

But when it came to love it split in two.

Extracts from “The healing of the sick slave girl”, Rumî.


Chapter 5: captive

When we walked back into the main hall. Everyone was eagerly waiting for us to come out. You could see that everyone was nervous about us ‘having a talk’.

“There is no need to worry my guests, carry on with the feast” Said Lord Rahziel with a loud and deep voice that resonated everywhere. Good, everyone seemed to relax a little bit and started talking with each other like before.

“This gathering has been a tradition for centuries, it’s a gathering to catch up with the years that passed and for the years that will come. I suppose its also important to know who will be the heir. The next in line to be the Echluëden. For you already know my Lady, you are of most importance to every dimension.” Said Lord Rahziel while we were walking trough a large glass gate that lead to the gardens. “And to me…”

That last I don’t think I heard it quite right, but did he mean that I was important to him as a person or as the heir? Confused I looked at him but he was staring at the ground while he was walking. As if, as if he was embarrassed?! I started lauging out loud. The most feared one of all was actually not that frightening. He suddenly stopped walking. I looked at him and he was looking at me with the most intense eyes, he wasn’t even blinking .

Startled he said”I am sorry my Lady, I haven’t heard anyone laughe like that for centuries.”

“Lord Rahziel, I have been meaning to ask but I am afraid you will misunderstand.” I looked at him to see a sign if he is willing to talk.

“Ask me anything, I won’t bite.” Said Lord Rahziel with a smile. Ugh, that smile.

“Who are you? I mean what’s your purpose..?” I started stammering, because I think that came over wrong.”I mean what is your power, because from what I saw you have quite an influence.”

“Your mother hasn’t told you it seems.” Said Lord Rahziel playfully.

The full moonlight landed on his face the moment we came outside.

Exordium: The song of the reed-

Unchain yourself, my son, escape its hold!

How long will you remain a slave of gold?

You’ve tried to fit inside a jug the sea-

It only has a day’s capacity:

A greedy eye is never satisfied,

Shells only when content grow pearls inside,

While men whose clothes are ripped to shreds by love

Are cleansed of greed like this to rise above.

Be joyful, love, out sweetest bliss you,

Physician for all kinds of ailments too,

The cure for our conceit and stubborn pride

Like Plato here with Galen*, side by side;

Through love the earthly form soars heavenward,

the mountain dances nimbly like a bird:

Love wants its tale revealed to everyone,

But your heart’s mirror won’t reflect this sun,

Don’t you know why we can’t perceive it here?

Your mirror’s face is rusty– scrape it clear!


Pieces from the poem of Mevlana Cellalledin Rumi- The Masnavi, book one.

*Galen is a well known metapysician known as one of the pioneers of Greek medicine. 

Plato was a Greek philosopher and therefore known as a mystic and metapysician.


Chapter 4: Perfume

As we entered the castle I couldn’t help but notice a different scent. It was the most beautiful scent you could imagine, it pulled me in an ocean of music. Electrifying my whole existence.

“My Lady are you alright?”

I snapped out of it immediately as Isa’s voice sharpened my senses. What was that?  I think it was calling me.

“Don’t lose your focus.” said mother while she was walking ahead with a head held high. Everyone was watching her, and then their gazes turned to me.

“She is the heir, wasn’t the heir supposed to come on her own?”

“What is the Echluëden doing here? Is there a problem?!”

“Are they challenging The Jahangir?” Whispered someone to the veiled women next to him.- I recognized that language, it was Puriaen. They’re referring to the pure blood as the ruler of the worlds?! Hearing that I actually started to get really nervous, I was supposed to come alone and was glad I dragged mother into this too.

“Don’t let them sense your uneasiness. It will be alright!” A sudden voice reached my ears. It was mother, reaching out to me by Ara. She is right, I have to hold my head high. I am the heir of the Echluëden, I have to let them know to not question me.

Everyone was present, every created species that held power in all the dimensions. Long-lived creatures staring at me and judging me from head to toe. Now I understand why this gathering was so important, it was a chance to give a good and remembered first impression of myself. But now everyone was afraid, of my mother. Because she wasn’t supposed to be here.

Suddenly a huge door opened on the second floor, making a tremendous sound that echoed into the main hall where everyone was standing. Everyone looked up at where the sound was coming from.

“Lady Luciana, what a lovely surprise.” A deep but calm voice was resonating everywhere. Suddenly I sensed a shadow beside me, I turned my head to the left but it was gone. A chill ran down my spine, what was happening?!

Mother turned around and looked at the entrance from where we walked trough a while ago. A  tall broad-shouldered man, with a mop of dark almost black hair and heavy defined brows that were offset by a boyish grin stared at me. It was as if he was piercing trough my very own soul. A pair of eyes as the color of the depths of the ocean drew me in. That scent, I remembered this scent.

Everyone stepped aside as he walked towards our direction. Every step he took echoed in the hall, no one dared to make a sound. He didn’t lose his eye contact as he walked closer. Just a couple of steps away from us, he turned to mother. I felt blood running trough me as he walked closer. There was something wrong, definitely something wrong!

He stopped half a step from me and I looked up at him, how is this guy millions of years old?! He, he doesn’t even look old or to say ancient.

“Lord Rahziel, I apologize for the uninvited visit.”

“Don’t be, we have something to discus anyway. May I invite you for a drink?”

Mother gave a nod of approval. She took a step forward and I noticed that Isa wasn’t moving. I hesitated for a second.

“Aelliana, follow me.” Said mother to me by Ara. I followed mother but couldn’t stop staring at this tall figure walking ahead of us. His every step was so elegant and charismatic.

I couldn’t help but notice that his hair had slight waves in it. What was it that made me so infuriated with this person.

“Please, make yourselves comfortable.” said Lord Rahziel as he poured a glass for my mother. His every move was fast and charming.

“I suppose your preference hasn’t changed Lady Luciana.”

Mother nodded with a faint smile as she picked up her glass.

“What can I offer you my Lady? I suppose we haven’t had a proper introduction yet, Rahziel is the name.” Those eyes, staring into mine made me going ecstatic again. I had to keep my focus!

“Aelliana, my name is Aelliana. Its a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine Lady Aelliana.” He gave a dreamy smile, and for an instance I smelled that beautiful perfume again.

He sat down right in front of my mother and I. He crossed his legs while his arms rested on the sides of a large armchair.

“This is a first! Both the Echluëden and her heir visiting my castle at the same time.”

“Lord Rahziel, I suppose you already know the reason of my visit.” Said mother with a sharp and clear voice.

“Yes, my Lady. I am already aware of the issues that has been caused by the warm-ones. I already have send notice to their Lord to resolve it.”

“The Councils have informed me to warn you. If this gets more out of hand I will have to step in.”- She paused for an instance. “Lord Rahziel, and no one wants it to come to that?” Mother looked at Lord Rahziel with eyes I never had seen before. It was a fierce and dominant look, she looked fearless.

“No need to be worried, disturbances like that always happen once in a while. But it resolves its self eventually. If it gets out of hand I will step in and make an end to it personally.”

“The century before a war erupted between the cold and warm-ones and you let it destroy an entire dimension. Don’t let it repeat again.” Said mother.

“I am not responsible for the wars that happen. It was the previous Echluëden’s job to maintain the balance, and she failed to do so.”

“Don’t you dare bring my mother into this. If you did interfered on time it wouldn’t had come to that, and that was YOUR responsibility Lord Rahziel!” Said mother while lifting her voice.

“Now now, no need to keep grudges. I won’t let it repeat again, this time its a different matter. An internal issue, Lord Arvien should be able to resolve it on his own.” Said Lord Rahziel calmly.

“I certainly hope so.” Said mother.


The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

meet them at the door laughing,

and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.

Mevlâna Cellaledin Rumî

Daily Life

Hallo internetmensjes

Vandaag wil ik het hebben over hoe mijn zicht op cosmetica en gezichtsverzorging is veranderd door de jaren heen. Tot voor kort dacht ik dat beauty products niet nodig waren in mijn leven en dat moeder natuur wel haar ding zou doen. Boy I was wrong!

Ik gebruikte enkel zeep om mijn gezicht te wassen waardoor mijn huid enorm droog werd. Op 17 jarige leeftijd verloor ik de elasticiteit van mijn huid. Met als gevolg dat ik op zoek ging naar alternatieven om mijn huid te hydrateren. Wanneer ik ging zoeken in de winkels- voornamelijk Kruidvat omdat ik  nog student was met een beetje zakgeld op zak, probeerde ik een zo natuurlijk mogelijk product te zoeken. Mijn logica was dat je iets droog moest bestrijden met iets vloeibaar, huidolie. Alle soorten olie die je  maar kunt bedenken, amandelolie, olijfolie, bio-olie,… Smeer er maar op los.

Worst break-out of my life! Ja kan je al voorstellen, dag en nacht smeerde ik me in met olie, na eens grondig mijn gezicht met zeep te wassen natuurlijk. De zeep was nog altijd een fundamenteel deel van mijn reinigingsritueel. Zoals mijn vader zei, zeep is life zeep is love. Ik kreeg met als gevolg soort van boebeltjes op mijn huid . Ik had een reliëf op mijn gezicht, wat ik later  ‘de Alpen’ van mijn voorhoofd noemde. Wanneer ik mijn vingers over mijn huid gleed voelde het enorm onaangenaam en vettig aan. Het was een ramp.

Na maandenlang elke dag hetzelfde ritueel te volgen ging ik eens op Google kijken wat ik eigenlijk verkeerd deed. It turns out I did everything wrong! Eerst en vooral stopte ik met het gebruik van zeep op mijn gezicht, ik kocht me een reiniging gel van Vichy in de apotheek van 400 ml voor 15 euro. En een klein potje klassieke Nivea in het Kruidvat van 3 euro. Deze producten gingen mee voor hoogstens een jaar. Jarenlang heb ik me hier aan gehouden tot ik afstudeerde van het middelbaar. Guess what, mijn boebeltjes verdwenen geleidelijk aan. Maar had nog altijd problemen zoals puistjes op regelmatige basis en een vettige voorhoofd.

Ik dacht dat het de hormonen waren maar heb erna ondervonden dat een dagcrème afgestemd op je huidtype wonderen kan doen. Dus de lessen die mijn ervaring me hebben geleerd is: KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE! Door eindeloos te zoeken in de literatuur en wetenschap heb ik uiteindelijk ondervonden welke producten en ingrediënten passen voor mijn huidtype. Turns out, dat mijn huid een droog kindje is met een gecombineerde t-zone.

Ik zal topics zoals huid verzorging – en producten bespreken in deze categorie. Verder zal ik ook de make-up die ik gebruik ook bespreken. See you next time! 🙂



Chapter 3: Equilibrium

I couldn’t move, startled with wide eyes I tried to collect my thoughts. Now I understood why mother was so anxious of going there. Now I understood why I shouldn’t be that calm about this either. That person’s power was equal to ours, he was created that way. To maintain the balance as it is.

I had so many questions, and I had the right to know. Why did mother not tell me anything about this!

“Aelliana, calm down.” Maya put a hand on my shoulder.

” It’s time.”

I looked up at Maya who was already standing before me. I stood up from the floor. Maya gave me a long floor length coat and a purse. I looked up at her.

“Why would I need a purse? If I needed something I could do it by Ara.” – Ara is a kind of telepathy, we could call upon someone we needed. But not everyone of our kind possesses such skill or was skilled enough to learn it. You either have it or not. Some could even speak trough Ara. Maya and I were skilled enough to do that, but it needed a lot of energy. Mother was powerful enough to communicate by Ara all the time.

“You’re right, I suppose you don’t need it.”

We walked down the hallway into the main hall. Mother was already waiting together with Isa, Maya’s mother. Isa was a tall strong women, she always had a focused expression on her face. She thought me martial arts and how to wield a sword for if  I ever needed to. She also became the head commander of the Vestige armies, after what happened to father. In short she’s mother’s right hand.

“Lady Aelliana we will leave shortly. You will leave with me, Lady Luciana will be waiting there for us.”

I turned to look at mother, she was wearing a white gold dress with beautiful sparkly sequences. The front parts of her hair was tied up at the back and on her neck a small yet elegant necklace with the emblem of our bloodline caught my eye. It hanged on a thin gold necklace, the symbol of the Echluëden. That same symbol every heir is born with on her body.

“I’m faster and Isa will lead you because you don’t know the way.” She looked at me with a calm and gentle look in her eyes. Like she was telling me that it’ll be alright.

Isa pulled out her hand and created a portal. Mother smiled at me right before she entered hers and disappeared.

To create a portal you had to know exactly where you were going and in which dimension it resides. By going into the portal you enter some kind black hole, you divide two places in space and time. Its a portal to a different dimension. It can only be opened by one of our kind, only a Nâznean is able to summon that amount of energy from its core. The gift of opening portals is given by the Echluëden to whom she wants to. If wielded wrongly or not closed properly it can distort the balance of the world’s. Or worse our enemies can enter our dimension and destroy everything.


I saw a faint light on the other side of the river where we stood. The air, the wind, the trees, the water, the grass, the birds, everything. The sounds of this world were different, felt different. A soothing light fell upon me when we walked out of the shadows, night had fallen. Moonlight touched my skin, and felt a different kind of energy flowing into my body. It was different then our moon. It was cold but had a calm feeling to it. I liked it.

To get to the castle we had to walk trough a forest, I heard different sounds. Some sort of faint melodies beaming from everywhere. Every life form had a sound, a sound of its soul. You could only hear it at night, because the sun touched the skin giving warmth and light but the moon touched the soul and the heart. Only mother and I were gifted to hear the inner voice. It was a gift and curse at the same time. Because not every soul was beautiful…