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Chapter 6: Weathering

“I am as the Echluëden, created to keep the balance in the dimensions. The Echluëden is responsible for the balance of the good against evil, my purpose is to balance evil against the good. Neither of them is supposed to win over the other, otherwise the dimensions will fall into ruin. Within every dimension there are always ones that fight against evil and ones that fight against everything that is good. Always in a constant war with each other until the end of time. I suppose you are aware of your responsibilities as the heir. Sometimes it comes to a point where they balance each other out, and that is when one of us have to step in. If its source is from the dark creatures I handle it and if creatures of light disturb the balance The Echluëden steps in. We are the last resort when it comes to these matters, only if the balance doesn’t even out internally.” Said Lord Rahziel as we sat down on a bench in the castle gardens.

We were surrounded by millions of flowers and plants from every sort and colour. The moon lightened up our surroundings and I felt ecstatic. In my world where I lived we were surrounded by water and trees, unlike the castle of Lord Rahziel which was surrounded by forests and gardens full of things I wasn’t familiar with.

“How come I haven’t seen you at the annual Oreka meetings with the Councils?” I asked, we practically had the same job. The Councils have the last word and say when we are allowed to intervene. It seemed natural for him to be there.

He gave away a faint smile as if he founded it a funny thing to ask.

“In the end the Echluëden will always have to report to the Councils where as I don’t. I did in the beginning but I am tired of seeing their wrinkly faces every single time. And I think the feeling is mutual.” he said.

I looked down at my knees. My dress didn’t look wine red anymore but had a more dark purple colour because of the moonlight. I was a little disappointed to hear he chose not to come to the annual Oreka meetings. We have them every week so it would’ve been nice to see him once in a while.

“But if you want me to I’ll be there?” He touched my chin and I was forced to look right in his eyes. Dark blue eyes. My skin burned where he touched me.

“I would like that.” and gave a faint smile, I felt blood rushing into my cheeks. But can’t move my face because his hand is still under my chin forcing me to look up. He started laughing, and that was the first time a heard him laugh.

“You are cute Lady Aelliana” said Lord Rahziel while he pulled his hand away from my chin.

Suddenly I heard a voice in my head “Aelliana! Where are you?!”.

I was pulled back to reality. Mother! I totally forgot! She must be looking for me.

“Aelliana answer right now! I can’t sense you anywhere!” She was definitely panicking, I could hear her voice tremble as she tried to contact me trough ara.

“Mother don’t worry I am fine, I was taking a walk in the gardens.  I will return to the main hall.” I answered.

Just as my vision became clear again after using ara. I saw lord Rahziel standing before me with a serious face.

“We should return My Lady, Lady Luciana must be worried.” he said.

How did he know?

“Your eyes” he said.

“They turn into another colour when you use your power.You look a little bit surprised my Lady.”  He said playfully.

I didn’t know that, I didn’t know that my eyes changed colour?! Why hasn’t anyone ever told me that?! I stood up and we started walking back to the castle. He wasn’t talking, just staring in front of him as we walked back. Suddenly I felt that something prevented me from walking forward. I looked behind me and saw that my dress was stuck in the thorns of a large rose bush. I tried to pull my dress out of the thorns but wouldn’t come loose. I gave it another pull and I heard a ripping sound. No, don’t tell me…A large rip in my dress leaving my leg bare right up to my left knee. Why did this had to happen now?! Lord Rahziel was walking ahead and didn’t notice me staying behind. This is not good, mother I need help!

“Lady Aelliana, is there something wrong. My apologies, it is unlike me to space out. Why are you … oh!” He noticed the large split in my dress leaving my leg open.

“You shouldn’t show…, I hope your scent hasn’t reached the main hall. Come with me, I have to get you out of here!” He suddenly pulled my arm and lifted me up like I was a feather. I was too close, it made my heart race like crazy. I couldn’t even see my surroundings as he ran, he was so fast. When he put me down I found myself in one of the rooms in the castle. He rapidly moved to the other side of the room and pulled a large closet open full of dresses. He pulled one out and swiftly gave me one of them.

“Please undress and wear this, quickly!” I didn’t know what I had to feel right know, panic or embarrassment.

“I can’t undress when you are watching!”

“Right, I won’t look.” He walked to the other side of the room to the door. He put his hand on the door and looked down. I managed to unbutton a couple of the buttons on the back of my dress and remembered why Maya helped me get in this dress. I can’t reach the other buttons on the back of my neck. Why did this dress had to have a zillion little buttons, I was stuck! As I tried to reach the buttons my hair came loose and fell on my shoulders. I lost my balance and fell on the ground. Lord Rahziel turned around and saw him staring at me confused, while I was laying on the ground.

“My Lady, why aren’t you dressed yet? You don’t have much time. Soon your scent will spread into every corner of this castle.” Said Lord Rahziel.

“I can’t reach the buttons…” I said, almost whispering.

“stand up my Lady” He took my hand and helped me back on my feet. I turned around and felt his hand on my hair. He put my hair gently over my shoulders and unbuttoned the last buttons on the back of my neck. Leaving my back bare.

“These marks…” He said while touching my back with the tip of his fingers. I flinched, not because I didn’t like it. But because it surprised me. His touch.

He quickly turned around and walked out of the room. I guess he didn’t like them, my marks. Every Echluëden was born with different marks on her body, mother had them on her right leg. I had them on my back, which was unusual according to mother. I quickly put on the dress and walked to the door. I heard voices, it was mother’s!

“Lord Rahziel, I don’t need your explanation. We are leaving! You should go back and keep your guests under control. Some of them noticed it, her perfume. They will become restless.”

“I will be on my way, my apologies for the inconvenience Lady Luciana.” And heard him walk away from the door.

I opened the door and saw mother and Ira glaring at me with a frown on their faces.

“Ira, will you open the portal!” said mother.

Just when I walked trough the portal I thought I heard someone calling my name.