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Chapter 9: Lineage

“Stay close to me” She whispered as I watched her going down the large marble stairs in the main hall. Mother held her head high as her hands were resting on her thighs. I walked right behind her and looked straight ahead. I felt the burning gaze of everyone, piercing trough me. Even though I am supposed to be more powerful then everyone present, I don’t feel like I am. The counsels were standing majestically right before us. I noticed that the two of them were female, they were blindingly beautiful. They both had had fiery eyes, a warm scarlet colour and had four wings. They had a radiating light around them and were very tall. The blonde Counsel started talking in a language I didn’t quite understand. Mother nodded and turned around facing me.

“Aelliana you are allowed in the Oreka if you can prove you are mine, an Echluëden.”

I have to prove? How do I do that? No one warned me about this, should I show my marks? But I can’t undress in front of them, its too dangerous!

A sudden voice startled me as I was in deep thoughts. It was coming from one of the Counsels. The four winged Counsel was speaking in a clear voice that echoed in every corner of the main hall “She is to bestow her transformation, her other half. Her gift of the Creator to the Areandria bloodline. What she is capable of doing to prove all present what she is.”

I looked at my mother for a sign of what I was supposed to do, but she didn’t look my way. She didn’t inform me by Ara either. The Counsel said something about transformation but what is that supposed to mean? Everyone was looking my way waiting for me to show a sign of my lineage. I decided to gather every little power I had in me to show them what I am! I could feel the doubt coming from everyone. Something started burning like a fireball in my chest my marks on my body lit up. And were seen trough my clothes. I stared at my hands amazed at the extend of my power. I didn’t know I could do that?! I looked at my mother and she gave a small nod of approval. I calmed down, yes this felt right! I have to this, I have to make this fire in me bigger and bigger! I have to embrace it! As I felt the marks  burning on my skin I felt my feet left the ground beneath me. My eyes still closed I tried to imagine my power, the fire within me. The same spark my mother had, I felt connected. I wanted to show everyone present that I was hers, that I was my fathers daughter as well. I felt my skin burning like it was being ripped. I opened my eyes and saw my skin in light-golden marks. Everyone was looking at me in awe, my skin didn’t feel like my own. As if I was placed in someone else’s body. but as the minutes passed it felt strangely familiair.  My hair was much longer and my locks were floating in the air because of the heat that my body gave off. I looked at it once more and noticed my hair was even a different colour, it was silver!

“Come down child” said the four winged women with golden hair. “You have proven your lineage.”

I calmed down and let the fire in me burn out. My hair went back to its normal colour and felt my feet back on the vast ground. I opened my eyes and looked at the Counsels, confident.

One of the Counsels was wearing a veiled mask, you couldn’t even see its eyes. The person was even taller then the four winged women. I was guessing that he was male because the person had the broadest shoulders I have ever seen in my life. From his back you could see his large tails, they were white. He was also holding a large black staff where the tip was wrapped in a piece of cloth. I think that its some kind of weapon because it looked quite heavy.

“Its time!” said the masked one.

“We will soon open the gates, please proceed and sit down. Once closed you cannot enter or leave. Those present proceed accordingly.” said the other four winged women. Lord Rahziel wasn’t here yet, I was getting  anxious. Did something happen to him?

The Counsels extended their hands and in a second opened a gate in our main hall, a large blinding light came from the gate and everyone moved towards it as if it was the most normal thing. I hesitated for a moment just because mother wasn’t moving forward yet. “We will enter last” said mother by Ara. Relieved to hear that, I started looking around, moving my eyes trough the crowd looking for Lord Rahziel. But I couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Aelliana, lets go.” said mother, and we started moving towards the gate. I think it was some kind of protection. The Counsels created a dimension within a dimension to prevent outsiders from entering. I didn’t  knew this was even possible. The Oreka was strictly forbidden for those not permitted and only a handful of people get to attend. As we walked in we entered a great hall. It looked like a stadium, like a large marble amphitheater. Everyone was sitting in a circle -like structure within a field. We were outside trees surrounded the marble circle-like structure. It was obviously a  temporary dimension, you could feel the imbalance.

Everyone sat down. Mother and I together with the Counsels were seated across the marble structure. Where we could see everyone seated in front of us. On front row the most powerful of the dimensions were seated, it was obvious that their seating was ranked. One of the robed Counsels lifted their hand and closed the gate. Everyone fell silent as they watched us waiting for the Oreka to begin.

“Welcome, today is an exceptional gathering. Most of you have been hearing rumors about certain matters. Today we will discuss in what extend they are true.” said the man in the dark grey robes. Mother told me once what they were named, The Counsels. Each one of them had a name, which only a few knew of.

Suddenly a hard wind blew my hair in the air, as if a storm was coming our way. Everyone started gripping their hats and garments to prevent them from flying away. The Counsels didn’t even flinch, so was mother. A large black hole appeared on the ground in front of us, like a portal. Knowing that only the Counsels were able to open one in this dimension, I thought that it must be their doing. But instead Lord Rahziel appeared from the ground like a majestic dark angel.

“Pardon my intrusion, I hope that I am not too late?” Said Lord Rahziel with a playful smile while standing right in front of us.

“Well, where is my seat?” Continued Lord Rahziel, as he was walking towards us.

“You can find your own seat Rahziel, we aren’t that surprised for you to be late. We are used to the dramatic entrance by now.” Said the masked one annoyingly.

“I’ll sit wherever I want then. Pardon my lady is it alright if I sit next to you?” he said while standing right in front of me. I didn’t know what to say but instead I nodded.

“Thank you, Lady Aelliana.” Said Lord Rahziel and he blinked his fingers and a chair appeared next to me and sat down. He was dressed differently then usual. He had excellent taste. But this time he was even more eye catching then usual. His eyes were a mesmerizing deep ocean blue, flecks of silvery light shone when he moved his face.  His face was strong and defined. He had dark eye brows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. A prominent jaw curved gracefully around and the strength of his neck showed in the twining cords of muscle that shaped his entire body; strong arms, bold thighs and calves, and a firm chest. He was unlike any other living creation. I could go on and on and never stop staring at him. He noticed my gaze and turned his face slightly to my direction. “You look beautiful.” he whispered with his usual playful smile. I froze instantly and felt blood rushing to my cheeks. I turned my gaze to the crowd in front of me and was relieved that they were sitting way further away, hoping that no one noticed my weak moment.

Lord Rahziel’s smile had drawn into a hard line across his face when the Counsel with the grey robes stood from his seat and started the introduction of the Oreka -again.






Chapter 8: Sunrise sunset

I watched the sun rise from the ocean that surrounded our castle. I overheard mother and Ira talking about an emergency meeting last night in the main hall. I wonder if this has to do with the accident that happened at the gathering. I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep last night, not that I needed it but it maintained a rhythm in our lives. And I liked the experience of having dreams. But this time my thoughts kept me occupied. An unsettling feeling in my stomach wouldn’t go away ever since we came back from Lord Rahziel’s dimension. A disturbance was happening,  some kind of shift and I really hope it will go back to normal soon. But having an emergency meeting while normally the Oreka was two weeks away? This was serious.

It was already evening and it became livelier in the castle, all kinds of preparations were made. For the first time in almost a century Lord Rahziel was going to attend the Oreka. And it was also  going to take place in our castle instead of in Nihâye, the center of all the dimensions in our constellation.

The skies coloured in all sorts of warm colours blended in together as I was waiting for the stars to show up. The three moons  were already lined up in the sky giving a faint light as the sky became orange and pink as the sun set.

A sudden knock on my door woke me up from my never ending thoughts.

“My Lady its time” said Maya while letting herself in the room.  She walked towards where I was standing on the balcony.

“Your view really is the best in the castle Aelliana” Said Maya while looking at the sunset and the thousands of different shades reflecting on the water.

“I know you’re worried. But don’t be, lets get you dressed. Your mother wants you there with her.” Said Maya, and she put a hand on my shoulder while looking me in the eyes with her hazel eyes.

Maya had given me one of the battle suits to wear, atleast they were more comfortable then a dress. Attending the Oreka the Echluëden dressed with prestige, she had to look powerful and unbeatable. Mother said that the reason for this was because all kinds of powerful creatures attended the Oreka and it was of utmost importance to impress. Normally the heir doesn’t attend the Oreka, but this time mother wanted me there. And that made me  more nervous, at least I was going to see Lord Rahziel again. So it couldn’t be that bad right?

I had pulled my hair in a pony tail and gathered my confidence while looking at my reflection in the mirror. Ok, breathe. You are the heir, don’t get intimidated whatever happens – I repeated this a couple of times as I walked into the main hall where mother was waiting for me.

“Make sure that security is main priority, I want an eye in every corner. ” said mother to Ira.

“Yes my Lady.” Said Ira. She was a strong being but wasn’t much of a talker, everything she said was monotone. Her daughter Maya was the opposite. She was lively and more cheerful, I guess she has it from her fathers side.

Mother saw me walking in and started analyzing me from head to toe.

“It suits you. You have the charisma of your father.” She said with a faint smile.

A sudden pain stung my chest, I missed him. I had the long blonde hair and feminine features from my mother but I had the eyes of my father, golden green. Mother would always say that these eyes radiate a certain power but not power as if ruling over the worlds but the kind of power that ruled the hearts.  After father passed away she struggled with looking me in the eyes for a year. That’s when mother changed.

“Aelliana tonight I want you to come with me to the Oreka, the Counsels have also requested your attendance. Certain things will be discussed that you might not understand. I will explain it to you by Ara if you have any questions. Please don’t interrupt, you are not supposed to talk, don’t forget that! It is possible that some are going to provoke you but don’t go in. When entering some will bow to you some will not, don’t waver and look in front of you. You are just as I am the heir to the Areandria bloodline, a noble and chosen bloodline that is more powerful then any other bloodline that exists, keep that in mind. The most powerful of every dimension will be there, some are followers of the light and some are not. You will notice whom allegiance lies where, with us or with Lord Rahziel.”

Night had already fallen and the gates pulled open for the ones who came by flying and other transportation like carriages, horses, some kind of vehicles with an engine, by portals and so on… One by one they were welcomed by our kind and guided into the castle. Mother and I stood on the first floor looking down onto the main hall which became more vibrant every second that passed by.

“The counsels will arrive any second, they will be the ones to invite everyone into the Oreka.” said mother.

A sudden portal opened at the center of the main hall. Everyone stepped aside as they watched two people with long cloaks and robes walk in followed by two creatures with four feathery wings in long dresses. And lastly one creature with thirteen tails wearing a mask walked in behind them. So these were the Counsels, I never saw them in person. They weren’t like anything I saw in all the dimensions I had visited. Mother told me they were representatives of the Creator. I guess its true, they looked divine.




“I worry there is something broken in our generation,

there are too many sad eyes on happy faces.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild: Poems


I have been following his work for years and finally his work is going to be published! You can pre-order his book now on Amazon!



Chapter 7: Hidden figures

This is not supposed to happen, not with her… If this continues it will surely end in chaos. I walked in circles in my office for the past 48 hours. Trying to cool my head ever since the gathering. After they left it didn’t took me long to calm everyone down. Except for the warm-ones, they became restless and  some of them uncontrollable which I had to eliminate two of them. Anyway it set a good example for the rest. But things will be different from now on, I can feel it. They have tasted a fraction of her scent. It will take a while for everyone to forget.

Because they were ready, to hunt I saw it in their eyes.  Everyone knows the Areandria bloodline is precious. One drop of their blood extends the lifeline for centuries, let alone the tremendous power it comes with. That is why they cover up their skin to not tempt others with their perfume, not everyone is able to resist.

A tall slender man came into the office and gave a little bow.

“My Lord, your guests have arrived.” he said.

His name was Adrian. His family served this castle for decades, a loyal friend and servant. My only companion in this large castle.

“Thank you Adrian, guide them to the conference room, I will be there in a moment.”

I went inside my bedroom and changed. Her perfume still lingered on my clothing. For me its the most beautiful scent ever, but it doesn’t drive me crazy like everyone else. It’s  different, we are creatures of equal but also opposite power. Surely her blood would kill me.

I walked into the conference room and saw Lord Arvian and Lord Khan standing up out of respect to greet me with a bow.

“Gentleman please sit down.”

“Lord Rahziel, we came as soon as possible. Please excuse us if we have let you wait too long” Said Lord Arvien while exchanging eye contact with lord Khan.

“We have something urgent to report” Said Lord Khan.

I could sense something was off. This wasn’t how this conversation  supposed to begin.

“I am listening” I said.

“My Lord, you gave me an order to take care of the matters with the levels. But it seems that they have grown in numbers. For the last month especially and aren’t decreasing whatever we do.” Said Lord Arvien anxiously.

“It seems that they are under orders of someone. Someone who summons them and turn them against us.” Said Lord Khan. He was twitching his fingers. I could tell he was nervous and afraid.

“Do you know who?” I asked, I already had my assumptions but maybe I’m wrong. I hope I am.

“My Lord, we aren’t certain. Especially because this person died centuries ago, but witnesses say they saw himsay. Its…” Said Lord Arvien trembling.

“We think it’s Xian of Velor.” Said Lord Khan.

I wasn’t wrong. If it is really him, it will change the course of everything. Someone must have resurrect the bastard, someone with ancient transcriptions. But such transcriptions are only in possession of the Counsel’s, how did they manage to get their hands on them.  I will have to discuss this with the Counsels as soon as possible. I watched him die 450 years ago by the Echluëden. And I will see him die again! No mistakes this time.


Chapter 6: Weathering

“I am as the Echluëden, created to keep the balance in the dimensions. The Echluëden is responsible for the balance of the good against evil, my purpose is to balance evil against the good. Neither of them is supposed to win over the other, otherwise the dimensions will fall into ruin. Within every dimension there are always ones that fight against evil and ones that fight against everything that is good. Always in a constant war with each other until the end of time. I suppose you are aware of your responsibilities as the heir. Sometimes it comes to a point where they balance each other out, and that is when one of us have to step in. If its source is from the dark creatures I handle it and if creatures of light disturb the balance The Echluëden steps in. We are the last resort when it comes to these matters, only if the balance doesn’t even out internally.” Said Lord Rahziel as we sat down on a bench in the castle gardens.

We were surrounded by millions of flowers and plants from every sort and colour. The moon lightened up our surroundings and I felt ecstatic. In my world where I lived we were surrounded by water and trees, unlike the castle of Lord Rahziel which was surrounded by forests and gardens full of things I wasn’t familiar with.

“How come I haven’t seen you at the annual Oreka meetings with the Councils?” I asked, we practically had the same job. The Councils have the last word and say when we are allowed to intervene. It seemed natural for him to be there.

He gave away a faint smile as if he founded it a funny thing to ask.

“In the end the Echluëden will always have to report to the Councils where as I don’t. I did in the beginning but I am tired of seeing their wrinkly faces every single time. And I think the feeling is mutual.” he said.

I looked down at my knees. My dress didn’t look wine red anymore but had a more dark purple colour because of the moonlight. I was a little disappointed to hear he chose not to come to the annual Oreka meetings. We have them every week so it would’ve been nice to see him once in a while.

“But if you want me to I’ll be there?” He touched my chin and I was forced to look right in his eyes. Dark blue eyes. My skin burned where he touched me.

“I would like that.” and gave a faint smile, I felt blood rushing into my cheeks. But can’t move my face because his hand is still under my chin forcing me to look up. He started laughing, and that was the first time a heard him laugh.

“You are cute Lady Aelliana” said Lord Rahziel while he pulled his hand away from my chin.

Suddenly I heard a voice in my head “Aelliana! Where are you?!”.

I was pulled back to reality. Mother! I totally forgot! She must be looking for me.

“Aelliana answer right now! I can’t sense you anywhere!” She was definitely panicking, I could hear her voice tremble as she tried to contact me trough ara.

“Mother don’t worry I am fine, I was taking a walk in the gardens.  I will return to the main hall.” I answered.

Just as my vision became clear again after using ara. I saw lord Rahziel standing before me with a serious face.

“We should return My Lady, Lady Luciana must be worried.” he said.

How did he know?

“Your eyes” he said.

“They turn into another colour when you use your power.You look a little bit surprised my Lady.”  He said playfully.

I didn’t know that, I didn’t know that my eyes changed colour?! Why hasn’t anyone ever told me that?! I stood up and we started walking back to the castle. He wasn’t talking, just staring in front of him as we walked back. Suddenly I felt that something prevented me from walking forward. I looked behind me and saw that my dress was stuck in the thorns of a large rose bush. I tried to pull my dress out of the thorns but wouldn’t come loose. I gave it another pull and I heard a ripping sound. No, don’t tell me…A large rip in my dress leaving my leg bare right up to my left knee. Why did this had to happen now?! Lord Rahziel was walking ahead and didn’t notice me staying behind. This is not good, mother I need help!

“Lady Aelliana, is there something wrong. My apologies, it is unlike me to space out. Why are you … oh!” He noticed the large split in my dress leaving my leg open.

“You shouldn’t show…, I hope your scent hasn’t reached the main hall. Come with me, I have to get you out of here!” He suddenly pulled my arm and lifted me up like I was a feather. I was too close, it made my heart race like crazy. I couldn’t even see my surroundings as he ran, he was so fast. When he put me down I found myself in one of the rooms in the castle. He rapidly moved to the other side of the room and pulled a large closet open full of dresses. He pulled one out and swiftly gave me one of them.

“Please undress and wear this, quickly!” I didn’t know what I had to feel right know, panic or embarrassment.

“I can’t undress when you are watching!”

“Right, I won’t look.” He walked to the other side of the room to the door. He put his hand on the door and looked down. I managed to unbutton a couple of the buttons on the back of my dress and remembered why Maya helped me get in this dress. I can’t reach the other buttons on the back of my neck. Why did this dress had to have a zillion little buttons, I was stuck! As I tried to reach the buttons my hair came loose and fell on my shoulders. I lost my balance and fell on the ground. Lord Rahziel turned around and saw him staring at me confused, while I was laying on the ground.

“My Lady, why aren’t you dressed yet? You don’t have much time. Soon your scent will spread into every corner of this castle.” Said Lord Rahziel.

“I can’t reach the buttons…” I said, almost whispering.

“stand up my Lady” He took my hand and helped me back on my feet. I turned around and felt his hand on my hair. He put my hair gently over my shoulders and unbuttoned the last buttons on the back of my neck. Leaving my back bare.

“These marks…” He said while touching my back with the tip of his fingers. I flinched, not because I didn’t like it. But because it surprised me. His touch.

He quickly turned around and walked out of the room. I guess he didn’t like them, my marks. Every Echluëden was born with different marks on her body, mother had them on her right leg. I had them on my back, which was unusual according to mother. I quickly put on the dress and walked to the door. I heard voices, it was mother’s!

“Lord Rahziel, I don’t need your explanation. We are leaving! You should go back and keep your guests under control. Some of them noticed it, her perfume. They will become restless.”

“I will be on my way, my apologies for the inconvenience Lady Luciana.” And heard him walk away from the door.

I opened the door and saw mother and Ira glaring at me with a frown on their faces.

“Ira, will you open the portal!” said mother.

Just when I walked trough the portal I thought I heard someone calling my name.




Florence Welch (Florence+The Machine)

If you haven’t heard of the Florence Welch, then you haven’t heard good vocals yet. She is no doubt one of the BEST female singers of our time. Her vocals are indescribable. She is the lead singer of Florence+The Machine.

I study speech and language pathology and vocals (speech and singing) are one of the specialties I have to major in. I was a fan of her way back in the beginning, when they launched their first album ‘Lungs’.  But not after I became a student I noticed how actually perfect her vocals are in every detail and aspect. I haven’t had the chance to see her live unfortunately, but have watched all of her live videos. And every single time she performs with the utmost control of her voice.  I am eager to know if she had any therapeutic guidance to learn to use her voice like that. Because every time I hear it I can’t get over the perfection. Its undoubtedly that she is incredibly talented, lyrically and musically.

“Cause she’s just like the weather, can’t hold her together/ Born from dark water, daughter of the rain and snow” Song: Landscape

Florence+the Machine’s music is lyrically art. There isn’t anything like it in the music industry. The way she and her co-songwriter – who is also a part of the band write their music are not some random words put together like the mainstream music we hear nowadays. She is a true muse of our time. If you haven’t heard of them then do yourself a favor and check them out.

New product review

Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer – 30 ml,  prijs: 17,90 euro bij ICI Paris XL. 

Ik heb mij dit product aangeschaft na ik maandenlang de trend van “Blurring sticks and balms” overal op het internet tegenkom. Het was een random koopje. Waarom? Omdat het beloofd rode vlekken en imperfecties te vervagen en het perfect is voor een ‘no make-up day’. Na dit te lezen was ik benieuwd of het wel degelijk zou werken. If it does, dan byebye to my BB-cream.

Beschrijving van het product:

Deze vernieuwende formule geeft een vochtboost met matte finish en de power van de NIEUWE HydroBlur techniek. Fijne lijntjes, rimpeltjes en vlekjes worden verdoezelt, de huid wordt fluweelachtig zacht. Draag solo voor een mooie, flawless no make-up look of als een make-up primer die de huid glad maakt voor een foundation of poeder.

Het pakje arriveerde vorige week woensdag en heb het sindsdien elke dag  gebruikt. Bij eerste gebruik merkte ik al een beetje van het vervagende effect maar het duurde niet lang of het effect was al na 10-20 minuten weer weg. Dat was een teleurstellende eerste indruk. Ik heb het product achteraf gebruikt met make-up en hoefde geen primer te gebruiken het werkte goed met mijn foundation en gaf me een “dewy-look” dus geen matte finish. Indien je een matterende foundation of poeder gebruikt zal het wel een matte finish geven.

Het product is verpakt in een potje, je doet het telkens open en dicht dus het komt in contact met lucht/zuurstof en licht. Na wat opzoekwerk naar de ingrediënten die plantaardige extracten en antioxidanten bevatten, heb ik gelezen dat indien deze ingrediënten in zulke producten blootgesteld worden aan zuurstof en licht  het zijn effectiviteit verliest. Dus het wordt aangeraden om het in een fles/flacon met een pompje te gebruiken. Zoals  het geval is bij de meeste anti-aging oogcontour crèmes en gels. De formule heeft een roos- achtige kleur en heeft een dikke haarbalsem- achtige structuur.  Na één laag zie je het effect al een beetje maar indien je meer dan een laag op je huid smeert zie je het effect beter maar je ziet een soort film-achtige structuur zitten op je huid. Het product bevat anti-aging ingrediënten en is geurvrij en olie-vrij. Je huid voelt gehydrateerd aan  en is helemaal  niet plakkerig wat een pluspunt is.

Na gebruik van ongeveer een week heb ik besloten om het niet meer te gebruiken. De formule van het product voelde niet prettig aan op mijn huid en de effectiviteit van het ‘blurring-effect’ is niet overtuigend genoeg voor mij.  Ik ben uiteindelijk teruggekeerd naar mijn vertrouwde moisturizer.

Enerzijds voor iemand die grotere of meer poriën heeft denk ik wel dat dit product beter zou werken. Indien je opzoek bent naar een doeltreffende hydraterende primer denk ik wel dat dit een goedkopere optie kan zijn. Verder wil ik erop wijzen dat ik niet weet of het product beter zou werken voor iemand met een vettigere huidtype aangezien ik een droge tot een gecombineerde huidmensje ben.

My final thoughts:

Ik denk wel dat je de nodige effectiviteit krijgt voor de prijs die je betaald. Het is hypoallergeen, olie-vrij en geurvrij wat grote pluspunten zijn voor iemand met een gevoelige huid. Het hydrateert de huid voldoende en geeft toch een ‘blurry-effect’ ook al is het kort van duur. Een nadeel is toch dat het product in een potje zit en wetenschappelijk* gezien niet optimaal is voor de ingrediënten die op lange termijn zijn effectiviteit zullen verliezen.

Pharmacology Review, July 2013, issue 14, pages 97-10 en Journal of Biophotonics, January 2010, pages 82-88, – laatst geraadpleegd op 1/04/2017.
Indien je niet zeker weet welk huidtype je hebt, kan je deze link raadplegen voor meer informatie.



Whether you feel divine or earthly love,

ultimately we’re destined for above.

To capture love whatever words I say

Make me ashamed when love arrives my way,

While explanation sometimes makes things clear

True love through silence one can hear:

The pen would smoothly write the things it knew

But when it came to love it split in two.

Extracts from “The healing of the sick slave girl”, Rumî.